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May News & Notes

Look for “Before She Was My Mother” (originally published by The Woolf) in Best Microfiction 2022

Right now...

* You can read “The Work” at The Cafe Irreal:

And here are a few new 50 word stories available at Fifty Word Stories:

*The Last Performance

* The Secret Revealed

* Ripples (Another misadventure of The Broken Boys)

* A Writer’s Monotonous Search for Meaning

The Spring issue of The Dribble Drabble Review has "gathered a beautiful (and sometimes prickly) bouquet of *story blossoms* " A couple of them authored by me.

But there are no direct links, so I’ve pasted the selections below.

But do visit the site and read more.

(Little-ature in 50 (a Dribble) & 100 (a Drabble) Words)


First Monday of Every Month at the Pineapple Inn

It was more than a craving for something sweet, more than relief for an unreachable itch. We needed regular surrender to something beyond everyday compromises and concessions, something beyond day-to-day responsibilities and obligations, desperate to be somewhere we didn’t need to be, embracing someone we had no business being with.

— Bob Thurber, USA


Narrative Chess

Sometimes people who know a little about my childhood ask, “How did you survive all of that and still end up OK?”

I take their inquiries to mean they suspect I should be significantly more damaged than whatever degree they judge me to be. Which makes me wonder if they appreciate how very seriously fucked up I am?

So I asked a close friend, a Buddhist monk, his opinion: How broken do you think I am, seriously?

And straightaway, in less time than an eye blink, he said: That’s the wrong question, my friend. Play nice. It’s still your turn.

— Bob Thurber, USA


* I’ll be judging Pulp Literature's "2022 Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize"


------ All I ask is that you stay in touch. Thank you for reading.

- Bob


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