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My Vision Remains

From time to time I'm asked about my vision.

My standard reply is, "I can still see, still read, still write."

Thanks to a rather large screen I'm capable of reading and writing on my iMac.

Magnifiers enable me to read printed material, though that's a strain, and limits what I can take in. The most recent news is I've retired my left eye. I feel like I should throw the poor old thing a goodbye party. The left eye has has always been the advanced, or most diseased. And it has lacked Central Vision for well over a decade.

Now, sadly, it just get's in the way, distorting my view and making my brain work harder. (The images from my left and right apparently don't align, so they compete against one another.) Resulting in tearing, spasms, muscle pain and migraines.

So I now wear an eyepatch from rise-and-shine until bedtime. I'm adjusting, and I can't believe how much it helps. Seems I should have retired that eye years ago.

Here's a newspaper profile (from 2014) touching on my condition back then.

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