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Just Released / January 2020

Updated: Feb 6

"Less is more, and Bob's the best.” — Susan Pieters

"Bob Thurber is lightning in a bottle. His writing reaches in and grabs your heart and squeezes it tight. Bob’s work is visual and emotional and beautiful in its poignancy. He’s a master of sparse, surgical prose. Wise well beyond his years one wonders at his human insight. I would read his grocery lists." 

—Vincent Carrella, author of The Serpent Box


"Drink these stories like a fine wine, with their deep notes of sturdy oak and bitter overtones of sage, and a whimper of honeysuckle to finish. You'll crave more, I promise.”

—Susan Pieters


"Thurber’s world is a terrifying world, an unclean world, populated by unclean characters, thinking unclean thoughts, committing unclean acts, narrated by an unclean voice.  Only a poet could make you want to read that.  I couldn’t put this down.” 

—Jon Gluckman



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